My name is Tolly (nick name Tolly Dolly Posh). I am almost 12  years old and live in Cheltenham, a town in the UK.

I am so glad you have discovered one of our Teddy Bears. This is my very own idea and along with my mum we are excited about sending out Teddies on a journey. We are waiting to see how far and to what exciting places our bears will travel too.

All our bears have either been very much part of our family or have been discovered by us in sales and second hand shops. We carefully wash each Teddy, some rather dislike this idea and “growl” but I think you will agree they look so clean and cuddly.

Our Purpose

This project is teaching me how to set up a website and how to communicate with people on line in a safe way as well as enabling me to contribute to the welfare of others by forwarding donations to a charity.  It’s also teaching me about the good nature, care and love many people have in general in life. I started the project in 2010.

If you are a guardian of one of our Bears I hope you will be kind enough to donate some money which will go towards a little boy of six years old in Africa that as a family we sponsor in an effort to improve his education, well being and opportunities in life. Or alternatively please donate to CLIC which is a charity supporting children with cancer and leukaemia.

Share Your Story of Your Bear

It would be really good if you can take some photos to upload on the website and write a short story about where you found your Bear, what he or she has been up to with you. You can do that here using our simple form. I hope to turn all the adventures into a book which tells the tales our our bears. The proceeds of the book will go to our donation scheme.

I hope you enjoy my idea.

When you are ready to tell your tale of the bear you have found tell us here.

Recent Tales

It’s amazing where our Bear’s have travelled to and who they have spent time with. Here’s a few examples:

  • Gatti has spent time with the RAF and is on his way to join the Red Arrows.
  • Lucy Cavendish is currently in the USA and has already been to watch a soccer game and spent time with a forensic scientist!
  • Bluebird Whoppit was found in town and has spent time in the garden growing vegetables.
  • Scout Acualade was found at an historic re-enactment event battling with a dragon.
  • Dimodes has traveled through the Mediterranean areas and is now on his way to Poland.

Plan for Children

CLIC Sargent

5 Responses to “About”

  • leanne & Max:

    Hi there- i have sent you some info on the first 24 hours of looking after Bluebird Whoppitt and some photots…hope you got them ok.

    lol Leanne & Max x

    • admin:

      Leanne and Max thanks for taking care of Bluebird Whoppitt. He sounds as if he was having fun. Could you please upload your photos again as they don’t seem to have made it across. You will need to click the Upload button on the form here, before you then click the Send Now button to save the message. The images should then appear in your post. If they don’t please let us know.

  • Jenney:

    Lucy Cavendish asked me to inquire whether there was an address of somewhere safe she could send her souvenirs, perhaps a local post office box that wouldn’t give out sensitive information about our lovely Teddy trackers, but would still allow the travelers to send home their special trinkets picked up along the journey. Oh and Lucy says she’s having a quite lovely time.

    Thanks again

    • admin:

      We will send you an address via email directly.

      Many thanks.

      From Tolly’s mummy.

      • Nicole Pieters:

        To Admin

        We recently welcomed Giseppi into our home and was wondering if your programme is still running?

        I wanted to log our story of how we came across him but it says “Comments closed”?

        Thanks so much

        Nicole Pieters
        Cape Town
        South Africa

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